Friday, July 15, 2011

More about my stay at the Sleep Inn in Knoxville 2011

All this brings me to my experience in 2011. My stay at the Sleep Inn on Prosperity Drive in Knoxville, Tennessee was not the same as last year at all. If I come back I can only hope that my stay goes as well as it did the first time. (In case you missed it here's the first part of the hotel review.)

The front desk night clerk staff had problems checking us in a the Sleep Inn in West Knoxville. She also claimed to be uninformed on some of the paperwork. It was hard for her to stop text messaging (which I think led to the paperwork problems). Basically, she left me with the impression of not caring about her job.

Inside, our room at the Sleep Inn in West Knoxville there were a couple of issues with the room. It smelled like a pine scented cleaner had been used. Ironically, the bathroom didn't seem to be as clean as it could have been. The threshold to our room was held together by what appeared to be a strip of clear packing tape.

I went to the lobby to discuss this with the desk clerk but couldn't find her. After awhile I gave up and went to help my daughter unpack.

The next morning we were checked-out by the owner. The process went much smoother. We told him about the problems with the shower and the door. He thanked us for letting him know. Further, he seemed to mean it when he said he would get someone working on it.

This made me feel better about my experience for this stay. It wasn't at all like the last time I was there nor was it like my recent stay at the Sleep Inn in Kingsport. Hopefully, if I have cause to stay at the Sleep Inn in West Knoxville again our experience will be better.

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