Sunday, July 03, 2011

More tips to beat summer heat sickness

Here are more tips to beat summer heat sickness. The sites have been helpful for me. I'm writing about them here in case they help you. Being very heat sensitive impacts my travel plans. Having this information has helped me out of several problems. I'm also convinced that these tips have also helped me prevent heat sickness a couple of times.

If you have problems with heat sickness I'd really encourage you to talk with your doctor. He or she is your best source of healthcare information. Working with my doctor has helped me come up tips that work for me. These are written about in Beat heat sickness this summer and 4th of July.

The CDC lists the following symptoms. A few times I have had all of these symptoms and almost ended up in the ER. The symptoms aren't fun and include:
Heavy sweating
Muscle cramps (Mine aren't just in one spot but can happen all over my body.)
Headache (Can become extreme.)

More symptoms are listed on the website. Two things that aren't mentioned are irritation and impaired decision making.

In addition to the CDC website I've also found WebMD and the Mayo Clinic websites to be helpful. Above all, if you experience any of these heat symptoms don't wait too long to take care of them. Get help quickly if you aren't bouncing back or if you start feeling worse. I've found out the hard way that most large events have EMTs on site.

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  1. Great advice! Thanks for sharing what you obviously learned the hard way. rcj