Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My experience with Yahoo domain registration and webhosting

The nonprofit I work with has had a large web presence forever.When people ask where its been all these years they aren't talking about travel but registration.

The site went live on Geocities back in 1996. Back then the choices were limited. When Geocities was bought out we left the site where it was. Later on when we were ready for a domain name the choice was simple. Our Hope for Healing.Org domain registration is Yahoo.

Some people still think of Yahoo is only a search engine. They forget that it has domain registration, a writing site, webhosting and domain registration. Yahoo is one of the most stable companies that we found for Hope for Healing.

We tried hosting mirror sites with a few other companies but it went always badly. Massive amounts of down time caused us to close them down and stick only with the primary site on Yahoo

Don't worry about picking a domain name. Yahoo has a checker that tells you if the domain name is already in use. You can keep doing a domain name search until you find one that you want. The Yahoo system then walks you through the registration.

Another plus is easy site building software. With it, your site can be running in only a few minutes. It's a popular feature on Yahoo.

Web building software has only been available for a few years. When we were first registering domains, Yahoo didn't have that. No one did.

I can remember the excitement when Netscape Navigator came on the scene. It was quick and easy to use but not linked to a particular webhosting registration company. When it came to domains, Yahoo may have been one of the first companies to add its own software.

Netscape Navigator now lives in the dinosaur pit. Bigger and better programs have come along. You can now build your website quickly and easily. If you are looking for the combination of software and domain name, Yahoo might be one to consider.

Another option that Hope for Healing.Org also for domain registration is GoDaddy. The Hope Blog name is registered there but is parked on Blogger. This has worked well for us. We have noticed almost no downtime and blogging is easy.

If needed, I'll be glad to share more about the Hope for Healing.Org domain. Yahoo also has information on their website. I hope this answers your questions about registration and why the organization is parked at here. If not, please send me an email or leave a comment below.

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