Saturday, July 09, 2011

My trip to Fontana, Dam on the Tail of the Dragon

If you like nature this may be a road trip you want to try. A stretch of Hwy 129 from Tennessee to North Carolina is known to locals as the 'Tail of the dragon'. It features 318 tight curves and an uphill climb in only 11 miles. It's a favorite among motorcycle riders and low slung sportscars.

Tail of the Dragon
The weather wasn't as cooperative as we would have liked. It rained off and on but wasn't hot. You could definitely feel the cooler temperatures as you climbed the hills.

That alone was worth the ride. I haven't found anything yet that names this road trip as one of the best in the U.S. If it doesn't already have that distinction is should.

Fontana Pumping Station
One thing that newbies need to understand is that there are no brand name hotels. As you leave your cell phone signal behind  you are also leaving all of the brand name hotels behind you.

Instead look for inviting mom-and-pop hotels and a nice campground. Restaurants are of the type that make a road trip like this special.

Fontana Dam
After all, part of the reason for a drive on the Tail of the Dragon is to leave the rat race behind. For many, that means forgoing the big box hotel chains for something more down to earth.

The photos speak for themselves. You may just want to gas up the car after you see them.

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