Friday, July 29, 2011

Pellissippi State Hot Air Balloon festival ends permanently

It's official. The Pellissippi State Hot Air Balloon Festival has ended permanently. Previously I had heard that only the Balloon Glow would be cancelled. Now, the official word is that the entire festival is permanently over.
Hot air balloon festival flag

For the past couple of years the weather has been uncooperative. Last year, my family decided to head over to the school for the hot air balloon glow. We missed it in 2009 and were looking forward to going. The rain started just as we began to live. Friends of ours went the next day and had a blast.

But, weather isn't what cancelled the Pellissippi State Hot Air Balloon Festival. That was done by 'budget constraints' according to the college president. An ever changing climate of higher education challenges in Tennessee also factored into the decision.

It is sad that what was once one of the top 20 festival events in the southeast has now come to a permanent end. Because of the festival popularity the school has certainly come to the attention of many people who would not have known about Pellissippi State otherwise.

Pellissippi State Hot Air Baloon Festival 2009
Both sadness and dismay have been expressed on the festival Facebook page where the announcement was confirmed. Fans are asking the school to consider raising prices instead of cancelling the entire event. Many mentioned packed crowds for the family friendly 2 day event.

Right now, word is that ending  the Pellissippi State Hot Air Balloon Festival is a permanent decision.We are looking to get info on other hot air balloon festivals to you as quickly as possible. In the meantime, here are some of our blog posts from previous years.

2010 Pellissippi State Hot Air Balloon Festival
2009 Hot air balloon Festival continues despite rain

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  1. It is indeed sad to hear that such a fun festival has ended due to budget constraints. I'm sure many will miss being able to attend this annual event. rcj