Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tennessee tax free weekend is for college students too

I can't believe it's almost time for my daughters to go back to college. Next month will be here all too soon. The good news is that Tennessee has an annual tax free weekend coming soon. It's on the first Friday in August beginning at 12:01 am and goes through 11:59 pm Sunday night.

Hordes of shoppers will be lining up at the stores over the Tennessee sales tax holiday. One thing to remember is that a 20% off sale beats getting a tax break. Lots of stores will be having sales to entice shoppers. That extra 10% or 20% off will help stretch the family budget.

Sadly, everything in Tennessee isn't tax free that weekend. There are limitations. Shoppers can purchase almost anything that a student needs for school. For example, you can buy clothing that is valued at $100 or less. This would include jackets, jeans, underwear, gym shorts but probably not resiport grips or other fitness equipment.

Other items that are included for the Tennessee tax-free holiday include most schools supplies at $100 or less. This would be things like glue sticks, binders, folders, notebook paper etc.

Computers that are not used for business purposes are free from Tennessee tax during the holiday. The cost must be $1,500 or less. (What better time to get a netbook for college?) Most stores will have the tax free items clearly marked. This helps everyone find what they need a little faster.

Students of all ages are included and that includes college students. Local retail stores may not carry everything that college students need. It may be necessary to check with the college bookstore for information about specialty items.

Items that are not included in the tax free holiday include computer printers and supplies, PDAs, clothing accessories and the like.

Sorry college students. Smart phones are not included in the Tennessee tax free weekend. No calling mom and dad to ask for extra money. These days we all have to stay in budget.

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