Saturday, July 02, 2011

Setting up remote blogging

This is a test to set up mobile blogging. A few people have asked me to do this. Here's the trial run. My phone won't do all characters. Well see how it goes. :-)

I need to add that right now I am only using a basic LG phone on the Straight Talk wireless plan. The older phone works perfected but I feel that technology is leaving me behind. Remote blogging and an expanded Twitter presence is causing me to rethink the current phone.

The prepaid Straight Talk wireless has given me nothing but excellent service and exceptional value. I get a signal with them just about everywhere. They do offer other cell phones so I'll be upgrading to a newer model as soon as financially possible.

That will make remote blogging and the use of Twitter much easier -- and faster too. In the meantime, please bear with me. I'll post wirelessly just as fast as 2 thumbs can type. :)

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