Sunday, July 31, 2011

Water filters are a top road trip accessory

Campground water can taste awful. To me, water filters are a top road trip necessity. Minerals in the water and hoses can leave an icky taste in your mouth. Filters can really change the flavor.

I've used filtering bottles to improve taste at Walt Disney World, the beach and state park campgrounds. Some camp water filters like this one by Camelbak reduces bacteria and viruses. The label will have the details and it varies by brand.

I was skeptical when my daughter mentioned trying a pitcher but it's made a difference. I enjoy the 5 cup pitcher that you see below. It does the job and fits the camper's dorm size refrigerator.
We used the Pur water bottles at Walt Disney World. Concession stands there give free cups of ice water on request. Lines can be long and there are water fountains scattered throughout the park. The filtered bottles kept the metallic taste out.

Another benefit is the money that we save. Reusable bottles keep us from buying soda (which isn't good for us anyway) and commercial bottles. Filtered pitchers and bottles makes it possible to get good tasting water from a campground spigot.

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