Friday, July 22, 2011

We found a wedding tent on

Can you believe we found a wedding tent on Yes, they have more than books but I'm still pretty shocked. There are several to choose from and they're all less expensive than renting. Plus, it looks like we can find other wedding items there too.

Our decision to buy or rent hasn't been easy. Rental costs are fairly high. The size tent that we need is over $500 plus delivery. That's steeper than we wanted to go. It doesn't help that the price to rent a tent for the wedding is lower than some we've found. Another company wanted $650 plus delivery and set up.

Before we decided to rent a tent for the wedding we checked and elsewhere. Would you believe that we found what we needed? We can purchase one for $334.99 or $139 from Now she has to choose between a Quictent 22x16 Beige Octangle Party Wedding Tent Gazebo Canopy with Side Walls or the 10 x 30 that you see in the photo from The second one is large and narrow but should cover the dance floor just fine.

We have experience in putting smaller canopies up for other functions. Without exception additional heavy tie downs were needed. Making more tie downs for the wedding tent is cheap and easy. These are simple to make and I think we already have some. They may be the only tent related wedding item that doesn't come from

Both wedding tents are lightweight but we only need them to make it through one evening. Unless it rains, the canopy and poles are all that need to be used. Side flaps encourages everything to come down if winding. If the one we select lasts longer than the one event that's fine.

Hubby is a pastor so that means regular opportunities to use it. It also means having extra hands to put up the tent for the wedding. If we buy from the extra help will be needed.

Having time to plan is making the process so much easier! Right now, it looks like we can do this without going into debt. I think we're going for it. Look for a product review on the tent from in June 2012.

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