Saturday, July 23, 2011

Why extra event tie downs are needed for tents

Yesterday, I posted about the wedding tent we found on That's when I talked about tying the tent down. I'm not an expert but I've worked with tents for craft shows, events and outdoor festivals. A friend showed me how to make easy cheap event tent tie down fixtures. We are going to make several of these for the June wedding.

Without exception the event tents that I have worked with have have all come with stakes that you drive into the ground. In theory, these stakes will keep the tent anchored when when the wind blows. In reality, the stakes have never worked for me. That's why we're going to make event tent tie down fixtures for the wedding.

The nonprofit I worked with had a rented tent in front of the ministry center one year. When it blew it took down power lines and knocked down a good portion of the chain link fence. It took the post down too. The tent company took forever to fix things. Extra event tie downs like these were made for us. They are cheap, worked great and kept a carport tent canopy secure for months.

Making the event tie downs is easy. It only takes a bucket, concrete, a large screw eye and drill. Lids are not needed. (Next page...)

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