Monday, August 08, 2011

College move-in day tips from a parent

It's almost time for college move-in day. These top tips for moving into a dorm can help the process go more smoothly. For five years Hubby and I have traveled to help our daughters move-into a college dorm. Here are a few things that the colleges didn't tell us.

Expect crowded parking at the dorms.
On college move-in day parking around the dorm is going to be packed. One of the top tips for move-in day is to pick your arrival time before traveling to the school. Crowds seem to be thinnest very early, very late and around lunchtime.

Don't arrive on college move-in day.
A lesser known tip to to arrive on an alternate day. Sometimes arrangements can be made to arrive a day ahead of the official date. Failing that, the next day is less crowded.

Bring hand trucks or a cart.
You'll be able to work faster and more efficiently with a cart. It seems obvious but I wish someone had given us this tip the first time we moved our daughter in. Carts and hand trucks makes college move-in day go much faster.

Bring straps or tie downs for the hand trucks or cart.
We also missed this obvious tip the first time through. It's very disheartening to see everything fall off of the hand trucks after its loaded. Trust me on this.

Opt for a pizza perfect move.
Have your student put the word out to round up 2-3 helpers. Offer to buy pizza for anyone who helps your student lug stuff to the dorm on college move-in day. This is one of the best tips we've found yet. You may be surprised at how quickly the moving goes.

Allow extra time.
This is one of the big tips that we learned. Don't be in a hurry to travel back home. No matter how much time you allow for college move-in day it is never enough.

Bring strapping tape and scissors.
These are lifesavers. You may not need them but when you do, you really do. Tuck them into a purse or backpack so you can get to them easily. Bags rip. Boxes need to be secured. Suitcase tags get caught. This is one of the college move-in day tips that the schools should always suggest.

Be patient.
Thousands of other parents are sending their kids off to college. Move-in day will be the last time they see the students for awhile. Have extra patience for parents who are saying goodbye. It helps the day go more smoothly.

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