Wednesday, August 03, 2011

How many ways can you use lights for a wedding

For those who are asking the answer is yes, the wedding planning continues. We have ten months before my daughter moves to the land of Happily Ever After. My family is planning ahead as much as we can. The hope is to stay within budget but still have a spectacular event. So far, so good.

It appears to be cheaper to build a dance floor than to rent one for the wedding. This also gives us free reign to add anything to side of the floor that we may need. Right now, we are looking at using heavy shepherd's hooks and stringing lights between the posts. Woven in with that will be white tulle. Other than plywood, everything we need for this part of the wedding is already in our basement.

Wedding lighting is something we are still working on. There are so many things that you can do with lights. Lights will be on the inside of the hall and around the dance floor. My mental reception map for the wedding keeps changing.

When I find lighting sites like my head starts spinning. This website is amazing. How many different ways could we use an LED curtain or chandelier for the wedding? My daughter and I have already talked about creating a curtain of light behind the table for the bride and groom. Putting lights among the table decorations has also been discussed.

The lighting fixtures in the website above are absolutely stunning. Granted, these wholesale lights are more for huge events and commercials than weddings. That doesn't keep the wedding creativity from flowing. DIY here I come!

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