Tuesday, August 09, 2011

How mold in our home led to my allergy symptoms

A friend of mine is going through some mold issues with her home. Since I've written about it so much she emailed me to ask about my symptoms. Her family seems to be going through the same issues that I did before I received an accurate diagnosis.

My symptoms were a chronic cough from asthma, allergy symptoms, itching and frequent bronchitis. I would travel to a friend's home or on vacation and feel better. As soon as I got back home the symptoms worsened.

I went through a battery of tests before my problem was accurately diagnosed. Allergy tests finally revealed that I and am very highly allergic to mold.

The diagnosis explains why my asthma kicked in anytime the mold spore levels were high. We were able to track this by comparing my symptoms to local weather information on spores and allergens.

I'm in Tennessee. My friend isn't but since her family is having issues I suggested checking into mold testing services. Los Angeles, Tennessee it doesn't matter where you live. Mold can grow almost anywhere.You can have it at home and you can find it when you travel.

We knew that the bathroom was a constant problem. What we didn't know is that the stuff was coming from behind the wall. It became critical that we track down all areas of growth and stop mold at its source.

A leaky pipe under the sink led to mold growing there. An unrelated issue showed us the depth of the problem. We found out our home was literally filled with the stuff. It was on the back of the bathroom wall and on the joists and studs inside the wall.

Clean up was expensive, took forever and was difficult to do. My husband was transferred to another part of the state. So far, none of us have developed the symptoms I talked about. If we do, we're having a mold test done immediately. I feel like mold testing and a home inspection would have helped us fix the problem sooner and prevented some of the symptoms we had.

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