Friday, August 05, 2011

How to find hotel deals for college move in day

Looking for tips for on how to find hotel deals for college move in day? This article may help you find the best rates. My family really feels the pinch. Our daughter chose a graduate school that is nearly 9 hours away. Driving up and finding a place to stay adds up in a big hurry. I have learned a few things along the way that have helped.

Checking with the school is one of the best ways to find hotel deals for college move in day. Some colleges will have special rates worked out with select hotels. Sometimes the savings can be significant. A quick call to the school admissions office can answer the question.

If the college doesn't have arrangements in place call the hotels to ask about special rates. Move in day specials often don't appear online. Your best bet is to call the hotel directly.

Being willing to drive to the college on move-in day can yield better hotel prices. Hotels that are near an attraction can charge higher prices. Move in day for college students is no exception. Being willing to drive a few miles can save you a chunk of change.

Hotel coupon books from rest areas and welcome centers can have some great hotel deals. These specials can be extra helpful for college move in day. Sometimes there are two or three different types with different hotel deals. Be sure to get one of each coupon book.

Extended stay hotels will sometimes offer good rates and helpful amenities. It's not just about getting cheap hotel rates for college move in days. Restaurants can be crowded too.

Places like Mainstay Suites by Choice Hotels or Extended Stay America have amenities that can make relaxing easy after college move in day. The rooms are usually spacious and come with microfridges, coffepots and a cooking area. Making sandwiches at the hotel costs less and can be a quicker than eating out near a college.

I've found that when all else fails my AAA membership can help me save a few dollars. When it's college move in day every dollar counts. Usually the hotel savings is about 10%. That may not sound like much but I'll cheerfully take the savings.

My daughter somehow winds up with every spare penny that we can scrape up. It really helps to find hotel deals for college move in day or any other time of year.

Why I like Choice Hotels and Mainstay Suites extended stay hotel

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