Monday, August 22, 2011

My Walt Disney World for adults vacation is coming soon

Here we are a month away from our Walt Disney World vacation as adults. The anticipation is building. I'll be a bundle of excitement as our date gets closer. People look at me and laugh when they find out the kids aren't going along. That's ok, the kids did the same thing.

It seems that some people don't think about Walt Disney World as a place for adults. Last year, our family (including my daughter's brave fiance) and camped out at Disney's Fort Wilderness. You'll have to read my blog article about the trip and taking my daughter's service dog. Even though none of us were children we had a good time.

It's fun but not the same as being adults, alone and lost in the world's most magical place on earth. Hubby and I still had our 'kids' with us. So, we're out to fix that this year.

Part of the magic of Walt Disney World is that adults can act like kids without having to be one. Hubby and I are going to stroll hand-in-hand through the streets of EPCOT. The two of us will stop in the shops, visit the pavilions and maybe even ride Spaceship Earth.

In the Magic Kingdom we'll visit the Tomorrowland Transit Authority and hit a scary roller coaster ride (maybe). Boma, at the Animal Kingdom Resort, is said to be a unique place for dinner. All of this is made more fun by being adults.


We may go to Walt Disney World in Florida and hit a spa. There is some world renown golf too. The Behind the Magic Tours sound intriguing. One of these gives an up close and personal tour of the steam engines at Walt Disney World. The other Behind the Magic tour is about how the park works and is sure to tickle Hubby's appreciation for engineering.

In the evening we can watch the fireworks and then head over to Downtown Disney for some night life. Or, we may just hit the hay early with sweet dreams of tomorrow.

After all, it's our Walt Disney World vacation without the kids. No bedtimes. No whines and lots of fun. Too bad we didn't think of it sooner.

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