Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Parsonage home decor and upgrades

This house in looking better all of the time. We are finally starting to get it together over here. I keep bragging about the laminate flooring that the church put in for us. A few other home decorating touches are ongoing but will help the house feel more like a home.

Today, Hubby is in the living room working on our new futon right now. It's part of our new living room d├ęcor. Futons combine elements of a couch and a stow-away bed to make a furniture piece that is functional but stylish. 

Our other furniture items include a dark cherry wardrobe and walnut bookcases. A few floor lamps should pull everything together nicely.

Vacation scrapbook table
The kitchen already has a counter top that looks like Granite.A planned upgrade to the kitchen is to add new cabinet and drawer pulls.

The cabinets themselves are done in a dark wood stain. Several brass handles are loose. Pulls are easily becoming dislodged. New drawer pulls should give the kitchen an updated look while providing better functionality.

Shortly after we arrived in our new home the church installed new paneling in the bathroom. They did a great job on this too. Some trim work has to be done to finish project but it too looks good.

Attached to this post is our new kitchen table. We decoupaged our travel brochures onto the surface. It makes an unusual scrapbook of our vacations. Once everything is completed it should go with the new kitchen upgrades.

Our church members will have the opportunity to see the new upgrades when we finally get to hold an open house. We'll be adding photos of the other home renovation upgrades soon.

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