Monday, August 08, 2011

Sunset photos of Chilhowee Lake

After we drove the Hwy 129 'dragon' we stopped to take photos of Chilhowee Lake. Light danced on the water as the sun was setting. Several more miles lay ahead before we would arrive home. The scene was so pretty that I couldn't help but take these photos.

Chilhowee Lake at sunset taken 8/2011
Before anyone asks let me go ahead and say two things. One, I do not own any special filters or anything of the such. Two, if those things exist in the software of my Fuji I don't know how to use them. The photos were taken in natural light. You can see why I had to stop and snap the shots.

The transition from the Hwy. 129 dragon and this part of the highway is almost surreal. One minute you are hugging tight switchback curves and shouting 'yee-haw'! Then next minute you are on a relatively straight and smooth road.

After leaving the Hwy. 129 and Chilhowee Lake behind us we headed onto Hwy. 72. This took us into the town of Vonore.

There aren't many hotels on the route that we took. There are hotels in Robbinsville and in the towns along Hwy 411.

Chilhowee Lake at sunset 8/2011
A trip to Vonore is one of my favorites because there is so much to do. Vonore has the Fort Loudoun State Park, Sequoyah Birthplace museum, restaurants and other historic sites.

If you want to overnight there isn't a problem with accommodations. There are several hotels here. If you are driving the Hwy. 129 dragon there is at least one of the mom and pop type of hotels on the route.

We caught a reenactment during one of our stops at Fort Loudoun State Park. Until then I didn't realize that colonial fort history was still alive in Tennessee. It was good to talk with the reenactors.

On this road trip we couldn't stop at the state park. It wall past closing time. Our job was to turn onto Hwy. 411 and head to Etowah where the trip started The entire journey was a successful getaway that I can't wait to repeat.

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