Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Swing set memories at the parsonage

Living in a parsonage is mostly pretty good. Life always has its ups and downs. There is one action that a church did for us that I will always remember. Shortly after arriving at our new home church members arrived with a big box and tools. They had a brand new swing set up for the kids in very short order.

Our daughters played on that swing set so much that they nearly wore it out. I thought we would wind up replacing A frame brackets before we left but everything held together. The kids would play for hours on it.

In one minute it was a regular swing set. My daughters would kick their legs until they were soaring high to stop my heart. The, in the next moment the swing set was a fort, house or anything else that their imaginations could conjured up.

Their laughter always carried across the yard. I have many fond memories of watching my daughters play. Those were simple days. All too soon it was time for school and then high school and college.

Now, one of my daughters is engaged to be married this spring. He is a nice young man with a kind heart. The two go well together. Time flies quickly and there are still days when I long for those swing set afternoons.

After we left that parsonage it would be several years before the swing set would be played on again. Another pastor finally arrived with grandchildren who could have their turn. I hope they have many happy memories of summer afternoons and the laughter of children.

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