Sunday, August 14, 2011

Visit corn mazes and pumpkin patches for Tennessee fun

Only one thing is better than traveling through the fall colors of East Tennessee in autumn. Adding a side trip to any of the area pumpkin patches or corn mazes help add an extra amount of fun to any trip. Visiting a corn maze is a good way for families to spend time together.

Many of the farms that have pumpkin patches and corn mazes also have other activities. Visitors who travel to these farms can buy pumpkins, pick up decorations for fall decorating needs or take a hay ride. Some farms have haunted mazes or barns or live entertainment.

Fall foliage and a rainbow
Any of these activities are perfect things to do amid a backdrop of brilliant fall colors. That's why these mazes are so popular for people who live here or travel to East Tennessee. The region is a perfect travel destination for many families.

A couple of things may make visiting a corn maze or pumpkin patch a little easier. Cash may be the only form of payment that is accepted. Only a few farms will be set up to take credit or debit cards. Another tip is to be sure to bring a flashlight if you plan on visiting after dark. It will be needed.

Fall d├ęcor and produce aren't usually the only shopping items that are available. Fall jams, jellies and preserves are common. Buyers can also usually pick up apple butter or recipes, honey or bakery items. Freshly baked breads, pumpkin rolls or roasted pumpkin seeds are poplular.

A flimsy plastic bag may not be enough to hold your purchases. Bringing a reusable tote is a good idea. Above all, be sure to bring your camera and extra batteries. You're going to want those to take photos of fall colors and the corn mazes or pumpkin patches.

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