Saturday, August 06, 2011

Where to find cheap college textbooks

We're still looking for sources of cheap college textbooks. My daughters start school in a couple of weeks so it's nearly crunch time. In Knoxville, we're checking places like McKays Used Books and CDs. the campus bookstores at UT and Pellissippi for cheap college textbooks.

These are great stores but they don't always have all the titles in stock. We've found a few more online stores that advertise cheap college textbooks. I'm listing them here in case anyone else needs the information.

I figure that with college costs these days we parents have to stick together. Here's what I found so far.

Seminary books
Some textbooks are available in Kindle versions. These electronic books are for purchase only. They are generally less expensive than traditional textbooks and are easier for students to carry. This may be the wave of the future for cheap textbooks for college students. 

This site was recommended to me by someone online. College students can search for textbooks and also offers books for K-12. Search by title, author or ISBN. It includes a section with tips for finding cheap textbooks.

This online store lets college students buy, rent or sell. It is essentially a search engine that aggregates data from several sites to help your student find cheap college textbooks. It also has a section that will help students determine if renting is the best option.

College students can buy, rent or sell with this online company. Not only do they advertise cheap college textbooks but some also come with free shipping. Search by ISBN, title or author to find the required books.

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