Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Does Megabus have parking in Knoxville

Blog readers frequently ask if Megabus has parking in Knoxville. The answer is that this bus line doesn't own its own parking lot or even its own bus stop. Space for the stop is leased from the Knoxville Transit Center. Customers are picked up at the curb in front of the building where parking is limited.

According to staff at the transit center long term parking for Megabus is at the Knoxville Civic Coliseum. This needs to be worked out by advance arrangement and is roughly across the street from the center. I'm going to guess-estimate the distance at roughly a block up and across the street. This Google map will give you a better sense of direction.

There is parking for friends and family who are dropping off Megabus customers in Knoxville. The street in front of Knoxville Transit Center is lined with parking meters. Friends and family can simply park at one of the meters and wait with their friend for the Megabus to arrive.

Megabus is the newest bus service in Knoxville. They will have their first anniversary here in December. It's become a popular and economical way for students and families to travel to Washington, DC. The company promises seats as low as $1 and free WI-FI. (At the time of this article most one-way tickets were in the $15-$25 range. As popularity rises there will be more people asking where to park.

The next thing that people want to know about is the quality of the Megabus experience. This blog article on my experience of the bus line tackles that question.

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