Thursday, September 29, 2011

Forbidden City Chinese Buffet in Chattanooga good food reasonable prices

Forbidden City Chinese Buffet in Chattanooga has good food at a reasonable price. At least that's the story on the day we were there. This fairly new Chinese restaurant is at 2273 Gunbarrel Road on the Hamilton Place Mall side. Dress is casual.

We picked up coupons for $1.50 off an adult buffet from the Chattanooga Times-Free Press. These helped make the meal more affordable. The flier included multiple coupons and we were allowed to use two of them on the same visit.

The buffet consisted of the traditional choices but there were more of them. There were chicken skewers, Chinese spare ribs, both egg and spring rolls, sweet and sour chicken, sauteed green beans, General Tso Chicken and more.  Specialty items included lobster with scallions, deviled crab and stuffed scallops. American fare at Forbidden City Chinese Buffet included selections like pepperoni pizza, beef filled pastry and apple pie.

Forbidden City Chinese Buffet in Chattanooga also had a grill area. This included small steaks, thinly cut beef and chicken, shrimp and vegetables. There were four different types of soups and an impressive sushi bar.

Food quality was good and the dishes were flavorful. I thought the spring rolls were better than the egg rolls. The wonton soup was tasty. My favorite part of the dinner was the meal that was cooked at the grill. It included the beef and chicken plus cabbage, bean sprouts and broccoli. Teriyaki was my sauce of choice. The end result was good.

All the staff we encountered at Forbidden City were friendly. Our personable server did an excellent job. She double checked that we could use both coupons and cheerfully said they would be allowed. We made sure to mention this at the cash register during checkout.

One thing that I didn't like at the Forbidden City Chinese Buffet was the lack of hot water in the bathroom. When I turned the faucet to hot no water came out. Only the cold side worked on the day that we were there. The manager did act like he would check on it when I reported the issue. This soured what was an otherwise good visit to the Forbidden City Chinese Restaurant in Chattanooga.

After the discount the cost for our visit was about $25. It seems reasonable for the wide array of food and in comparison to the other restaurants in the area.

My rating:
Two stars because of the lack of hot water. Otherwise the visit would have merited four stars.

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