Monday, September 05, 2011

Half Off Depot offers a 20% off Labor Day special

You probably already know that Half off Depot offers great deals for many U.S. cities. With their 2011 Labor Day special those deals just got even sweeter.

Save up to 60% off Deliciousness.Half Off Depot is having a surprise Labor Day only special. Take 20% off their already low price on restaurant discounts,attractions and more. The coupon code to use at checkout is 20percentoff.

My family and I have used Half Off Depot several times to save money with restaurant discounts. Our experiences have always been positive. I was hooked and decided to become an affiliate so the discounts on restaurants and attractions could be offered here.

This extra 20% is for purchases that are made only on Labor Day. The vouchers can be used anytime. Buying from Half Off Depot is a great way to save money, try a new restaurant or enjoy a special day out. Discounted activities like spas or whitewater rafting are other choices in addition to restaurants.

More good news is that most of the vouchers can be printed from your your home printer. This makes them available to use immediately or to give as a gift. It's a simple as buy, print, enjoy.

Take a look at Half Off Depot. You might just like what you see. I did.

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