Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Halloween Party at Walt Disney World; say 'Argh' matey

It's time for Halloween Party at Walt Disney World. The Magic Kingdom is being taken over by pirates. There are princesses and princes running around. Hubby and I are here for it. The costumes are all cute. No one is scary.

We're having fun seeing everyone all dressed up. It's also interesting to see how the kids react to being here at Disney for the Halloween celebration. 'Argh' seems to be a popular word among the kids.

Tickets for the Halloween party vary depending on how early you choose to celebrate Halloween. This link has all the details for the Disney party. It happens on select nights from September - November 1, 2011.

There is a special parade, decorations, lighting and a big special fireworks show for Plus, there are lots of other Disney touches for the event. What would Halloween be without trick-or-treating? Disney has that covered too. I thought it was just for kids and now wish that we had purchased tickets.

Adults are getting into the Halloween dress-up action at Walt Disney World too. It's not just for kids. Yesterday, we saw this most amazing couple. They had recreated outfits for a prince and princess down to the smallest detail. The two carried the parts regally.

We had dining reservations in EPCOT and the Magic Kingdom during the day instead of last night. Disney seems to have pulled out the stops in terms of park decorations. Pumpkin decorations are everywhere.

The magic begins as you walk into the Magic Kingdom. There are pumpkin head band directors, a mayor and other cute figures in a courtyard. Mickey shaped pumpkins are on the street lights. Shades of orange and fall colors are everywhere. It's all cute and a lot of fun.

We had dinner reservations at EPCOT and missed the nighttime party at Magic Kingdom. At transportation, it was hard to miss the queue for the bus to the Magic Kingdom. After princesses, the next most popular costume seemed to the pirates. There were lots of 'Argh' in the waiting line and more than a few 'Ahoy, Matey' coming from kids who were waiting.

Staff was running extra buses for the Halloween at Walt Disney World. The line seemed to move pretty quickly. Everyone seemed to be happy and in a good mood and that helps any queue seem to go faster.

Hubby and I were able to see a small portion of the fireworks from EPCOT. We were walking around the lake after the closing show and heard a firework boom. When we looked that direction we saw some of the  Halloween fireworks. They were just above the treeline. Even from where we were Disney seemed to outdo themselves on entire Halloween bash.

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