Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Would I recommend Megabus from Knoxville to DC

Lately, I've been asked about my overall experience with the Megabus from Knoxville to DC service. The question specifically revolves around whether or not I would use it or recommend it. The answer is a resounding yes! In fact, I already have recommended taking Megabus from Knoxville to DC to my friends and family.

Things are much improved after the infamous faux pas in December 2010. An earlier blog post shares about our rocky experience. Since then, my daughter has had several more trips on the Megabus from Knoxville to Washington DC route. She says that she has enjoyed every trip.

Her experience echoes the positive experience of another Knoxville to DC rider. These statements are also supported by reports from other friends of mine who have used Megabus with success.

If you haven't heard, Megabus offers an affordable way to get from Knoxville to Washington, DC. Except for the driving part the experience is almost DIY. Tickets cost anywhere from $1 to $30. Riders shouldn't expect snacks or an 'in flight' movie.

Drivers will help with luggage if you are disabled but not for anyone else. Megabus isn't for the high maintenance. It's a 9.5 hour bus trip. Mountains around Knoxville and on the route make the promised internet service dicey. The sole food break is at a convenience center in Virginia. Bring a snack or water if you think you'll get thirsty or hungry in between stops.

You get what you pay for and this service is a deal. My daughter's tickets for her round-trip fall break trip home cost only $60. My last drive to DC from Knoxville cost over $200 in gas. It took more than 10 hours and the construction almost drove me crazy. For the second time I saw the Megabus on the route.

Next time, my Knoxville to DC round trip will be a little easier for me. I'll probably be on Megabus and leave the driving hassles to the pros.

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