Monday, September 12, 2011

More about my thrift shop kitchen table set

My new travel theme looks great sitting in the kitchen. The new appearance is a far cry from the thrfit shop item we started with. It's taken a couple of coats of resin to thoroughly coat the surface and may need a couple more. I want to be sure that every travel brochure is fully coated so the table surface will be as smooth as possible.

The next step in my decorating project is for me to find a nice set of quilted placemats. They protect the surface and provide the right accent. You can't go wrong with quilted durable placemats. 

I want the quilted placemats to coordinate with the seat pads. My ideal color for the travel table placements is a slate blue or another close shade.

As you can imagine, the thrift shop chairs have seen better days. A little sanding and painting should fix make them as good as new – or even better.

To do this part of the thrift shop project I'll take the chairs outside to work on. The seats will be tightened and reglued where necessary. Some of the large cracks may need to be filled in with wood filler.

When working on a thrift shop find it is always important to wear a face mask and goggles. This keeps dust from getting into your face and protects your eyes from small particles. After donning the gear, I'll sand every part of the chair, dust with a tackcloth. The next step is to seal and then paint.

This is a photo of my travel theme kitchen set. The shiny top isn't wet. What you see is actually the glossy resin. I'll be working on the chairs next and will accessorize with the quilted placemats and seat cushions. You'll be able to read more on this blog as the thrift shop kitchen table set continues.

In the meantime, let me know what you think of my thrift shop find. Is it going to be a great kitchen table or what?


  1. Great idea Gayle! I love it! Looks like it's going to be a great kitchen set. The quilted placemats are a great idea.

  2. Thanks! I can't wait until the set is finished. The placemats will be the icing on the cake.

  3. I think your table and chair set will be great, and the quilted placemats (appreciate the link!) will do you proud!! I'm into repainting, refinishing thrift store finds myself these days and personally find it very satisfying to complete these projects. rcj