Friday, September 23, 2011

Our dining experience at Tony's in Etowah, TN

Tony's in Etowah, Tennessee looks like an Italian bistro. Pizza and calzone are the order of the day but the menu also has a number of fish and chicken dishes. Of course, this does include chicken parmigiana. Some Cajun dishes are also available. There is a pizza buffet with salad bar in the afternoons and the evening.

One of the best features of Tony's Restaurant is the outdoor dining. It's tucked between the building with Tony's in Etwoah and the building next to it. A wrought iron gate goes across the front opening. Inside this seating area are   iron tables with smart red umbrellas Potted plants add another splash of color. The space is narrow, long and intimate.

Dining outside at Tony's in Etowahwas my favorite part of the meal Hubby and I shared. It was nice to sit in the cool evening and enjoy each other's company. We both ordered Calzone. I also added an order of cheese sticks. Our server was young and personable. Even though we were her only outdoor customers she kept the tea glasses filled and checked on us appropriately.

All of our food at Tony's in Etowah was piping hot when it arrived at the table. The cheese sticks arrived first. These were very good. The cheese had melted to the outside on a couple of them but this didn't impact the flavor. They were served with a side of marinara sauce. The sauce was a little on the sweet side so we concentrated on the cheese sticks.

The calzone were just as hot. Bursts of steam were released when we cut into them. They were a good size for lunch but a little on the small size for dinner. Next time I'll add a salad. Mine calzone was spinach and feta. It had a generous amount of spinach and the right amount of cheese. Unfortunately, it was salty so I didn't care for it.

Hubby ordered the house calzone. It has everything except the kitchen sink. He said it was ok and had a decent flavor. I tasted it and the calzone was nowhere near as salty as mine. Next time, that may be what I order.

Our bill at Tony's was about $20. This is a little less than a couple of other restaurants that we've tried in Etowah. Before you ask the answer is 'no'. The restaurant is not owned by Italians. That probably does explain the sweetness of the sauce and saltiness of the spinach. Tony's not authentic but it's not bad either. We've heard they have terrific pizza. That's on our list of dishes to try too.

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