Monday, September 05, 2011

A possible new look for the kitchen and other upgrades

Despite the heavy rainfall, Hubby and I made a run to the home improvement store tonight. During one of our moves my dresser mirror lost the wooden support pieces. Finally I'm getting this fixed so the mirror can actually be used.

The home improvement store is getting to be my favorite place lately. We've talked things over with the parsonage committee and they seem to be ok with it if we make some upgrades. There is a long list of upgrades that I'd like to do.

For the most part the kitchen is nice. I don't know if I can get some rta kitchen cabinets or not. They have several different styles of cabinets and each of them look great. Normally I'm a sucker for dark cherry. I have to tell you that the cafe latte kitchen cabinets look pretty good. The molding and color give them a modern upbeat feel.

It may be that some new hardware with brighten up the look of the kitchen. Some paint and a backsplash should give the whole room and entirely new look and feel. You never know how much difference these touches will make until they're done.

Painting throughout the house is definitely on the list. The kitchen, living room, dining room and bedrooms are all painted with the same paint. There are a few cans left from the last paint job. I'm hoping that a couple of rooms may just need a quick one layer touch-up. It's a little overwhelming but fun to be able to do this. I'm glad to have the opportunity.  

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