Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Review of Bad Things Cant Stop the Best Things by Sandra Allen

A friend loaned me a review copy of this book and I knew at first glance that I had to read it. Bad Things Can't Stop The Best Things!: The Story of a Hero by Sandra Allen and Shannon Bond is the kind of book you want to have when  you need to reassure a child (or your inner child). Sometimes, teddy bears just aren't enough. That's why this book was created.

Bad Things Can't Stop the Best Things!: The Story of a Hero is designed to be read to children. The book is part story but all affirmation. Everything about the book is designed to be comforting for children. From the cover to the photos in the book the bright pages draws the reader in and the storyline keeps you there.

It's hard to say enough good things about the book. I wasn't sure if the artwork was photography or graphic art. A closer look and confirmation from the author reveals that these are actual photographs. A child plainly is dancing in front of a brilliant sunset. The childlike innocence made me smile. 

The photographs of this child are all that childhood is supposed to be. Every child should be free enough to dance in the sunshine or the sunset. No child should ever have to fear night. But, reality says otherwise and that is the reason for Bad Things Can't Stop the Best Things!: The Story of a Hero.

This book should be on the bookshelf of anyone who works with children. Therapists, advocacy centers, ministers, police officers should all have a copy of the book. It's an excellent book to read to children and adults who have overcome abuse. I'm going to buy one for my bookcase. Are you?

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this book. Sounds like a valuable resource for many types of situations. rcj