Monday, September 05, 2011

Steps we can all take to slow global climate change

The storms and crazy weather that we've been having is putting the environment on the minds of just about everyone. Whether you believe in global climate change or not (I do) you can't help but notice the differences in the weather for the past few years.

Deer in Cades Cove - another reason to recycle.
There seems to be more flooding in some areas of the world and more drought in others. I can never remember school being closed for flooding before. Yet, in my county this happened on Labor Day Tuesday.

When we lived in another state a few years ago the town ran short of water. People were only allowed to wash clothes on certain days of the week. Watering the lawn was temporarily outlawed.

We can all do several things to help the environment and possibly slow the progression of global climate change. Small steps add up. If we all do what we can the world can literally be a better place.

  • Recycling is an obvious way to slow global climate change. Aluminum cans, scrap metal, plastic containers, newspapers are only the beginning. Reusing glass jars is another way to recycle. Use them to take lunch or spaghetti in to work for lunch instead of a plastic bowl.
  • Rain barrels are becoming more popular for home use and rainwater catchment devices are being used more commonly by companies. This allows rainwater to be used on gardens or cars later.
  • Fluorescent light bulbs last longer than the traditional varieties. Just one of the fluorescent bulbs can be used instead of several of the older bulbs.
  • Using cloth bags for shopping reduces plastic waste. Plastic bags are taxed in some areas and may soon be banned completely in parts of the country.

All of these steps are within the reach of every person. We should all do what we can to slow global climate change. Or, as the bumper sticker says, we can ignore the environment and let it go away.

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