Friday, September 30, 2011

Straight Talk Coverage in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Straight Talk coverage in Gatlinburg, Tennessee is pretty good. I've not noticed any major problems with it so far. When you are in the mountains it can be tough to get a signal from any wireless provider. Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville and other spots in the East Tennessee mountains are far from the exception. Rough terrain creates natural obstacles that can potentially interfere with signals from any cell phone tower.

My Straight Talk coverage in Gatlinburg has been reliable. It uses Verizon towers and seems to get a signal almost everywhere that I travel. However, not all Straight Talk phones use Verizon anymore. Some phones are programmed to send and receive service or AT&T towers. 

This means that your experience with Straight Talk coverage in Gatlinburg could be different from mine. I may be able to get a steady signal from Verizon and you may not have much on the AT&T network. The reverse may also be true.

A call to Straight Talk can tell you which towers your cell phone will be using. The information is also covertly displayed on the packaging. Take a look at the box your phone came in and there will be a graphic of a US map. A solid red graphic indicates the Verizon network. A solid blue graphic indicates the AT&T network. If you are a person who prefers one company over the other pay attention to the graphic.

I've not tried the AT&T network in years. I've been happy with my Straight Talk coverage in Gatlinburg and other places where I've traveled. My phone is on Verizon. That network works for me and I'm glad to have it.      

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