Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wedding gifts couples need for a new home

We've been looking at what wedding gifts couples need for a new home. My daughter is getting married this June. It's been fun watching her make selections. Frankly, I'm being reminded of just how many things couples need to start a new home.

Working with her has given me additional ideas for useful wedding gifts that couples need. My daughter and her fiance aren't the first to need everything from paper towels to end tables in their new home. Listed below are items that new couples may want as wedding gifts for a new home. Every couple is different but this article may give you some additional ideas.

Bedroom – Wedding gifts of bedspreads, comforters are welcome. A zippered mattress covers will protect the investment of a new mattress and box springs. Check with the happy couple for sizes. Wedding gifts of small decorative items or knickknacks, curtains, lamps or shades may be welcome for their new home.

Bathroom – Accessories and shower curtain (if applicable). Household towels, rugs, curtains (for all rooms) and a set of guest towels are wedding gifts couples can use in a home.

Kitchen – We all think of kitchen wedding gifts we think of appliances or pots and pans. The couple may also need wedding gifts of cleaning supplies, quilted place mats and a tablecloth, foil, plastic wrap, baggies, storage containers and that trendy sushi mat in their new home.

Dining or living room – Coffee and end tables, book cases, rugs and throw blankets, furniture, lamps, figurines and other accessories. Framed wall art is something couples need in a new home. It's also easily overlooked as a wedding gift.

Miscellaneous – Homes don't come with picture hanging kits, extension cord, screwdriver, emergency kit, light bulbs, trash can, broom and dustpan or even trash bags. These are unusual wedding gifts that couples can use. Put several items in a laundry hamper or wastebasket. Tie with a bow.

Fun seasonal items – Couples need some things in their new home that they can have fun with. A portable grill, tailgate or picnic items and sturdy ice chest are items couples can use in their new home. They are perfect wedding gifts for couples that like to entertain at home.

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