Wednesday, September 07, 2011

When forces of nature hit the utility workers are out in force

The other night when it flooded Hubby and I saw a utility truck on the way home. The dark country road was made all the darker because the lights were out everywhere. Blinding rain was lashing out against us. It was a pretty ugly scene for anyone to be out in.

Photo of a Kentucky Ice Storm 
For the umpteenth time in my life I gave silent thanks for the utility workers and emergency personnel who brave these forces. They put their full body harnesses on and dare to endure so we won't have to. To me, the utility workers are every bit as heroic as the soldiers who go to battle or the coast guard rescue swimmers.

Our kids were small when the 'Blizzard of '93' hit eastern Tennessee. Before we could leave Chattanooga to head toward Knoxville the first flakes began to fall. By the next day the storm and our electricity was out.

The home my mother-in-law lived in was on the outer reaches of the county. It took a few days for the Knoxville Utilities Board to work its way out to where we were. Boy, were we ever glad to see that truck arrive! The kids cheered when the electricity came back on and so did we.

That was only one of the times that I have been thankful for utility company workers. At one time or another my family has been in a hurricane, floods, ice and snow storms and downed trees.

When the forces of nature hit utility workers are out in force to make life a little easier for us all. That makes me appreciate what we have and say a prayer for their safely. I wouldn't want to manipulate a huge electrical wire in the rain, would you?  

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