Monday, October 24, 2011

Cabanas and tiki bars bring the islands to you

Fall is here and entertaining opportunities abound. When we visited Walt Disney World I couldn't help but notice that warm weather was still abundant in Florida. Those bright sunny days make great weather for picnics, pool parties or a tailgate get together.

It is also a good time to take advantage of fall sales on outdoor lawn furniture and do some outdoor remodeling. The cooler temperatures are perfect for do-it-yourself projects. It may also be easier to hire workers since some jobs end at the conclusion of summer.

Those who live near a lake or ocean might want to consider outdoor cabana plans. These can make you and your guests feel like you are visiting a remote tropical island right on your lakefront or oceanfront property. These buildings also give a quirky fun feel right for a backyard swimming pool.

Thatched roof construction provides a thick shade to keep guests cool. A cabana doesn't have to be large to be effective. There are styles to fit almost any space. Smaller gazebo canopies can be perfect for a patio.

When making plans for outdoor remodeling why not consider tiki bar construction? These can be as simple or complex as you like. We saw several styles on our Walt Disney World vacation. Take off the Disney decorations and many of them would make good backyard d├ęcor.

Tiki bars are becoming more popular among homeowners because of the entertainment options they offer. Kids having pool parties can have their sandwiches and drinks at the tiki bar. At night, peppier drinks can be served for adult parties.

Homeowners who want to bring a taste of the islands to their backyard may want to consider adding a thatched umbrella cover to their patio. They provide shade and can spice up any area. These covers bring a touch of island romance straight to you.

I was surprised at all the different outdoor ideas that we saw at the parks. There were ways to jazz up any outdoor spot. Choosing one idea to go with is going to be as difficult as it is beautiful. If you decide to add a cabana or tiki bar to your home let me know. I'd love to post your photo! 

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