Thursday, October 20, 2011

Check out AJ Rose in Boston for carpeting and flooring

I'll never forget it when my grandmother bought new carpet. She wanted some for years but didn't feel that she could afford it. Then things changed and Grandmother was able to get new carpet. It made her home look better and gave her more confidence about having people over.

The company that Grandmother purchased from also carried flooring. She mentioned getting new linoleum for the kitchen a few times but never followed through. I think she felt that removing everything from the room was too much trouble. We told us that's the reason she had us grandkids. Grandmother was content with the carpet and left it at that.

Those who live in the northeast and want Carpet, Boston may have a company you want to check out. A.J. Rose Carpets and Flooring has been family owned since 1977. They have two locations in the area to choose from. They have products from companies like Shaw, Mohawk and Karastan (just to name a few).

Flooring comes under attack from a variety of sources. Every day dirt comes in from our shoes, pets and other sources. Things are dropped and liquids are spilled. There is more to taking care of your investment than vacuuming and prompt cleanup.

A.J. Rose Carpets and Flooring has a list of maintenance tips on the company website. These tips can extend the life of your flooring. I've written before about how helpful carpet cleaning can be. A.J. Rose Carpets and Flooring has you covered on that too.

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