Thursday, October 20, 2011

Custom guitars or flutes and my daughter's aspirations

My daughter is a music major who is interested in a wide variety of musical instruments. It all started out with a secondhand (or third hand) flute back in fifth grade. Ever since then she has been hooked on all things musical. Many bake sales later she graduated from her secondhand flute and now plays on a custom model.

My daughter plays at the Lincoln Memorial in D.C.
She plays the piccolo and has also had a few lessons on the drums, sax and I think a clarinet. Recently, Allie let it slip that she can play the dulcimer. Sometimes she plays the piano at church but she doesn't enjoy it as much.

The next instrument that she wants to take up is the guitar. Allie left hers at home this fall. It is sitting forlornly in the corner of her room. With luck, she may be able to work in a couple of lessons over the Christmas break. A lesson every few months isn't ideal but its the best she can manage right now. Graduate school is her main responsibility.

If she successfully takes up the guitar I think I know what will happen. She's already playing one custom instrument. It's not much much of a mental leap from there into custom hand made guitars.

Custom instruments are very expensive but you get what you pay for. My daughter swears that the craftsmanship and durability surpasses anything available off the shelf. She also likes the idea of buying from a small USA shopowner. In this day and age we may need more people who shop like she does.

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