Saturday, October 29, 2011

My AAA Premier Membership is travel protection I can count on

My jobs and kids have me frequently on the road. With our AAA Plus Membership I always felt secure in knowing that reliable help was only a call away. Then I upgraded to AAA Premier and haven't looked back. This goes beyond anything else ever offered. This membership gives me full travel protection from the best in the industry.

I bought the AAA Premier Membership when it was introduced a few years ago. Getting ready for a long trip made it prudent to upgrade to the Premier membership from AAA Plus. Hubby and I felt that we would keep it for the remainder of the year and revert at renewal time.

Then, the car broke down on the side of the road. We were towed well over 100 miles and faced a car repair bill in excess of $600. Unexpected extra hotel nights and additional meals almost tanked the trip. It was then that I began to understand the full value of an AAA Premier Membership and haven't looked back since.

I phoned AAA immediately when the car broke down.
The operator stayed in contact with me the entire time. She looked up the repair shops that were close to me and found a hotel across the street. AAA Premier Membership covered us for up to 200 miles of towing. This was only the beginning.

It turns out that AAA Premier Members also get a 15% discount on car repairs. This dropped the repair cost by nearly $100! The coverage also reimbursed for the extra hotel nights and meals. It would also have covered a rental car for two days.

This is in addition to the normal stuff like trip information, guidebooks and all the good things you expect from AAA. I value this membership so much that we may always have an AAA Premier Membership.

Our daughter will need her own coverage when she marries in June. Knowing that she'll be covered on her honeymoon is one less thing for Mom to worry about.

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  1. I let my AAA membership lapse when I moved to my townhome and began to cut back drastically on driving. However, your article reminded me of the great benefits AAA provides, so I'm rethinking things and may well enroll again! rcj

  2. RCJ, Thanks for commenting on the article. Coupons and discounts are two more reasons to like a membership.

    There are shoe stores, restaurants, clothing shops and grocery stores that either offer coupons or direct discounts.

    Gotta love those deals! :)