Monday, October 17, 2011

My Verizon wireless internet access is still problematic

My Verizon wiress internet access is still problematic. This mifi belongs to Hubby and its the only internet service available where we live. (Even my mifi doesn't work at our home.) Except for the past few days we've had very few problems.

Hopefully this can be resolved quickly and the wireless company will have me online with some stability soon.He contacted tech support with Verizon this afternoon and I'm on hold with them now.  

Unstable service when you're a blogger is one of the most frustrating things in the whole world. You almost feel like humming and chirping at the device to encourage it to connect. Obviously that won't work and I'd just look ridiculous. So, another call to tech support seemed to be in order.

The theory is that it's trying to connect with the 3G and also the 4G networks. The tech guru at Verizon had me do a bunch of different things. With a lot of luck the problem is fixed and I'll be securely online without being bumped off every few minutes. If not, I may resort to chirping after all.


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