Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rubber stamps make unique Christmas and New Year cards

Rubber stamps can make the best holiday and New Year greeting cards. I adore using them! Stamping means that you can create beautiful cards that are either complex or simple. You can create cards to suit your own personality.

A few of my rubber stamped greeting cards
All of the supplies you need for Christmas and New Year cards are at the craft store. The basics that you need to get started are rubber stamps, card stock and envelopes and ink pads. Self-inking stamps can be great for return addresses or adding holiday cheer to the outside of envelopes.

As it gets closer to Christmas and the new year sales on these items will be be more frequent. It's a good time to pick up bargains. Some craft stores have weekly coupons that can be used. Card stock, envelopes and ink can be picked up at a craft store or at Wal-Mart. s

To create a basic card simply fold the card stock so that it will fit into your envelope. Choose the Christmas or New Year rubber stamp that you like. Firmly press it onto the ink pad. Then, press it just as firmly onto the card stock. The design can be filled in with colored pencils if you wish. Making a Christmas or New Year card really is that easy.

Custom rubber stamps can be a big help around the holidays. These are great for return addresses, signatures or corporate logos. Christmas and New Year isn't the only time that a custom stamp can make life easier. Engaged couples can use them too.

Bridal shows have all kinds of registries for prospective brides and grooms. A self-inking custom rubber stamp makes it easy to register for drawings. The stamp should have the name of the couple, an address and phone number.

There is no end to the things that you can do with rubber stamps. They are fun, easy and I love using them. How about you? Feel free to leave comment to let us know your thoughts. Leaving a message in the comments section below is as easy as making a New Year or Christmas card.  


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