Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sites with free printable pumpkin stencils for Halloween

Free printable pumpkin stencils are available online. This is good news for anyone like me. I have no idea where to begin when it comes to cutting a pumpkin for Halloween. The free printable pumpkin stencils are going to be a big help. Sure, I can do the basic triangles for the eyes and nose along with some sort of formation for a mouth. Anything beyond that is beyond me.

I've looked at the stencils online and these seem to be within my capabilities. Almost all of the free printable stencils require more than the basic kitchen knife. A few days ago I saw pumpkin carving kits at the dollar store for a buck.

Frankly, I'm not a fan of scary or complicated designs. Reader's Digest has free printable pumpkin stencils for Halloween that go from basic to complicated. None of the patterns were scary.

Complicated patterns are available at Pumpkin Masters. In addition to the free printable stencils for Halloween pumpkins the site has tips for cutting. They also have recipes to help you make ghoulish treats for the those little goblins.

What design could be more non-scary than free printable stencils with Disney characters? Cartoon Jr. has stencils for princesses, princes and other favorites.

Finding these sites has led me to the next problem. Now I have to decide which one to use. Blog readers may remember my vacation with Hubby last month. Our fun all happened in central Florida. There may not be a better free printable stencil for our pumpkin than something to commemorate the trip.  

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