Monday, October 03, 2011

Disney personel get stuck Peoplemover going again

Yesterday, Hubby and I were at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World when the Peoplemover (aka 'Tomorrowland Transit Authority').  This is one of my favorite rides at the park.

It's as tame as it gets and I really like the view of Tomorrowland at Walt Disney World. The open air cars are 20 feet or so off of the ground. Most of it is outdoors under a long canopy-like structure but at one point riders are treated to part of the Space Mountain area.

Just as we were ready to get in line we looked up and saw the Peoplemover stop moving. The ride was  stopped on the tracks with riders in the cars. My first thought was that the ride stopped so that someone could board but that was wrong. After a few minutes it became obvious that something was wrong.

A ride that stops for even a few minutes has to cause anxiety. As much as I adore the Peoplemover at Walt Disney World I'm dead positive that I would have become very nervous. Knowing that these things happen doesn't help as much as knowing that help will be forthcoming if/when there is a problem.

By the time we realized the Peoplemover ride was stuck the employees at Disney were already on the job. They immediately began helping the riders and made it all appear like another day on the job. There was no panic or even raised voices among the employees. This seemed to be soothing to the riders who stayed calm.

One of the reasons that we enjoy Walt Disney World (other than the chance to write about the trip) is the ability of staff to handle issues as they arise. When the Peoplemover stopped the staff sprang into action.

Watching them handle the problem was pretty impressive. Some staff closed the ride while others were helping riders off and additional staff were working on getting it fixed again. It was all carefully choreographed. Everyone's needs seemed to be taken care of and the Peoplemover was back to work in a jiffy.

To me, it reaffirmed that Walt Disney World really is the most magical place on earth.

Update: 10/03/2011
Peoplemover at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World is now back in action. Way to go Disney staff! That was quick work.
at 1:35 PM

Update: 10/03/2011
Stuck Peoplemover is now moving but may not be available all day. Disney staff says theyre working as quickly as they can & may open the ride open later today.
at 1:19 PM

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