Sunday, October 23, 2011

Verizon mifi losing internet connections again

This is to keep by blog reader updated. My Verizon mifi is losing internet connections again. We thought the problem was resolved but it wasn't. Rebooting the modem seems to help. It also seems to be less of a problem during daytime use than it is at night. Last night was terrible.

Connectivity issues make it difficult to keep the blog refreshed and I'm sorry. My Straight Talk wireless phone gives me some access but it's hard to see the internet on a 1" x 2" screen. Ironically, Straight Talk is a prepaid phone service that uses Verizon towers (Some phones use AT&T but mine does not.).

I would expect that if the Verizon mifi was was losing connections then my Straight Talk phone would too. This is showing to not be the case.

We live just far enough off the map that my Virgin Mobile mifi doesn't work either. It uses towers from Sprint. No one gets service from them out here.

Blog readers, I appreciate your patience. For right now, I'm stuck and can only hope that tech support can keep my Verizon mifi from losing internet connections.

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