Monday, October 03, 2011

Vonore, Tennessee has colonial and Native American history

Right after our drive on the Hwy. 129 Tail of the Dragon headed over to Vonore, Tennessee. It's a snap to get to as you come off dragon. From Highway 129 turn left onto Hwy. 72 and then left onto Hwy. 411.

Vonore may be a small town but don't let the size fool you. Any road trip is fun and there is enough to do here that the drive is worth it.

One of my favorite stops in Vonore is the Fort Loudoun State Historic Area. This is part of the state park system. Follow the signs from Hwy. 411 to get to the park. It's pretty easy to find.

Until we took a road trip I had no idea that Tennessee had so much colonial history. Fort Loudoun featured prominently in the history of East Tennessee and of the Cherokee. Pains have been taken to recreate Tennessee fort life in the 1700s. Reenactors can be found pretty regularly on the weekends.

Another place to visit on the road trip is the Sequoyah Birthplace Museum. It's almost across the street from the state historic area. Sequoyah created the Cherokee alphabet. Even with today's computers, creating an alphabet for a common language would be nearly impossible (or so I'm told). The museum is an educational stop on the road trip.

From Vonore, we continued south on Hwy. 411. Our next place to visit on our Etowah to Etowah road trip stop was in Madisonville, Tennessee.

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