Saturday, November 05, 2011

Connecticut mountain tourism

When it comes to vacation getaways Connecticut has a special charm. Fall foliage tours are a good one tank trip or weekend getaway. Connecticut also has a reputation for the wide array of cultural and shopping experiences that this state has to offer.

Skiing is a popular wintertime sport among locals and tourists. Many of the ski lodges are also open to summer travelers. Informal lodges are the perfect place to relax any time of year.

Visitors come to the lodge to relax and enjoy the mountain views in Connecticut.Windows provide a glimpse of postcard perfect scenery. There, the views of the landscape are perfectly framed by huge arching glass panels. Rented mountain homes will often have expertly placed windows on the back or sides of a home.

Architects know that the simple pleasures in life can be the most meaningful. Who doesn't enjoy stepping through large french doors that lead to a deck or patio? A cozy spot, good book and cup of hot tea can start the day off right.

Much of Connecticut is covered by towns and large cites. There are areas where you would never know this.

One of the more popular attractions is on the road less traveled. We're talking about the famous Appalachian Scenic Trail that stretches from Georgia to Maine. Visitors to the trail often hike it in sections. A handful of people known as 'through hikers' will hike the full length of the trail.

In Connecticut, the trail goes from Kent to the town of Salisbury. At 51 miles the Connecticut portion of the Appalachian Scenic Trail is relatively short. Several easily accessible spots lend themselves well to day hikes. Trails in this state cover every difficulty range. Hikers should do their research to decide which one is right for them.

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