Sunday, November 13, 2011

How to protect tech gear during holiday travel

These simple tips can protect your electronics and tech gear during the holidays. I travel with camera, mifi, netbook, cell phone, extra batteries and other gear. After my netbook suffered a near death experience I knew it was time to get serious about how to protect my electronics and other gear for holiday travel. These tips have helped me better protect my electronics and tech gear ever since.
Verizon Mi-Fi 2200 device
Pack it well 
The number one tip to keep your tech gear safe is to pack it well. Follow the instructions in your owner's manuals. 

Use extra padding to protect electronics from being bumped against each other. Fold and secure cords with Velcro tabs or simple twist ties. Take measures to guard against extra static electricity and dust. 

Something as simple as securing a lens cap can keep your camera or camcorder from being damaged. It helps to put each item into a skin or case before putting it into a messenger bag or packpack.
Keep zippers zipped 
When the flight boarding is called or bus arrives it is tempting to shove tech gear into a bag and hurry off. All too often the zippers don't get zipped all the way. This can let electronics fall out or be lost. Ear buds are especially prone to being caught on something. Take the extra second secure your tech gear.
Use a messenger bag 
Backbacks are often carried by one strap on a shoulder. This makes it easier for tech gear to be jostled around and harder to keep your hands free. Evaluate your travel plans before you leave on holiday. A messenger bag may be more convenient and keep your tech items secure.
Pay attention 
Tech gear is used frequently by holiday travelers. Phones, iPods and other electronics are easily lost during the holiday travel season. Paying attention reduces the likelihood of putting your phone or iPod down and forgetting it.
Use straps 
Straps on tech gear are there for a reason. If you are using your tech gear use the strap. You will be less likely to drop it if bumped. It is also possible that the strap will catch your electronics if dropped.
Due diligence 
Exercise due diligence during holiday travel. Someone can easily pick up your tech gear when you are distracted. Put your iPod or smart phone in your pocket when digging into your backpack for keys. Don't put your bag down and walk away. These simple tips go a long way to protect your tech gear during the holiday travel season.
How do you keep your gear safe when traveling? Are there any products that you like to use? Help us all keep our electronics and tech gear safe during the holidays. Leave a comment to let us know. 

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