Sunday, November 27, 2011

How to set and meet financial goals for travel

Writing is the primary way that I'm working on getting out of debt. Some of you know what I'm talking about when I talk about hitting a wall. It isn't easy to come up with ideas that will fill a blank page and keep you from being bored. Basically, my goal to travel and blog about it. 

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The problem is that when you are writing your way out of debt (even for travel writing) missing even one day of blogging can be a setback. Toss in two or three days and it could be an issue. Not only does it mean that you aren't writing but you are potentially missing out on ad revenue. This snowballs into being unable to pay off a bill or travel.

It was a happy day when I found Setting Writing Goals and Meeting Them. The author lays out some good advice about setting goals and provides tips on how to meet them. Even I learned a few things about goal setting that will help with my travel experiences.

Budgeting and goal setting are keys to positive road trips. I was able to glean some tips about record keeping that will help me do just that. Hopefully, the tips will keep me traveling a little more often. We'll see. 

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