Friday, November 18, 2011

How to survive Walt Disney World with cranky kids

How to survive Walt Disney World with cranky kids will hopefully give parents needed coping strategies. Standing in line, being on the go constantly and one too many rides can make anyone cranky. Even the most magical place on earth can be hard on youngsters. (Heck, it can be tough on adults too!) 

This article has been requested by readers who liked How to survive Walt Disney World with whiny teens. Cranky children are not fun. The strategies are similar most ages. These tips were invaluable when we toted  our children to the parks 'way back when'. 

Like teens, kids get cranky when they are hot (or cold), tired, hungry or just plain overstimulated. The grumpiness also happen when kids are unwell. For the purposes of this article I'll assume that the kids would never be sick at Walt Disney World.

Learning how to survive with cranky kids means avoiding circumstances whenever possible. Walt Disney World is the only theme park that I know of where you can bring in snacks.

Toss a few granola bars into the backpack for when kids get grumpy from hunger. Carry a few bottles of water or juice boxes to give the kids when they get thirsty. These two tips work wonders.

Taking sunscreen to the parks instead of leaving it in the hotel makes reapplications easier. Sunburn can sneak up on parents on cloudy days and make children uncomfortable. I don't know of anything that guarantees cranky youngsters more than when they become sunburned. Surviving Walt Disney World with cranky kids means guarding against sunburn. 

Even at Walt Disney World, some places are quieter than others. If grumpiness begins to take over try heading to the monorail instead of the hotel. Cranky youngsters will still be immersed in the Disney fun but in a less stimulating environment. The enclosed cars and cool air conditioning are like a balm to a ruffled soul. 

Speaking of hotels, try to stay on the property if at all possible. The great Disney transportation makes it easier to head back to the resort hotel room in mid-day. Families can take a break from the afternoon sun and rest up for nighttime fun. This is perhaps my favorite way to survive Walt Disney World with cranky kids.

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  2. Wonderful! I hope you have a magical time!