Tuesday, November 01, 2011

How Walden.edu might fit my travel writing schedule

Traveling isn't only one of my passions it is also how I supplement my income. Writing travel reviews here on Youve Been Reviewed and for online writing sites helps me pay bills and provides some freedom.

I had a blast at Walt Disney World and I'm still catching up on article writing. Look for great information to come on everything from the resort to Cosmic Ray's Cafe. There will be an article on why my next trip will include my pop-up camper. I'll also cover tips for beating the heat and how to rent a wheelchair.

Schedule flexibility is important. Needing to have someone with me means working around Hubby's schedule and the schedule of my kids. That's why, if I ever want to go back to school someplace like WaldenU.edu is going to be at the top of my list.

I've been surprised at how often internet is available on my travels. On our drive to Alaska I couldn't help but notice that internet access was easier to find than a cell phone signal. My Mi-Fi is nice to have but WI-FI is also available in many campgrounds.

That's what makes Walden University's online degree programs a possibility. They not only have flexibility but they offer classes that sound interesting. The combination is one that is worth considering. Learning different languages would certainly be a plus for me! Click here to learn about Walden.

I'm not sure about going back to school. I have discussed this with my family so it is on my radar screen. Right now I like being able to bring travel stories to you from my pop-up camper, home office and on the road. Who knows what the future holds?