Wednesday, November 02, 2011

I should have gotten the pop-up camper sooner

I was asked about my Palomino pop-up camper today. The person wanted to know what my opinion is. It has to be the easiest question that anyone has ever asked! I knew it would be great to have one and I love it. Really, I should have gotten the pop-up camper sooner. 

Another picture of me and the Palomino pop-up camper
Pop-up campers like the Palomino give you the freedom to camp but still have available transportation. It's small size makes it relatively easy to maneuver. 

Once the camper is in place all you have to do is level it, put the jacks down and pull out the sides. It's pretty easy to do and only takes about 15-20 minutes. (We'll probably get better as time goes on.)

The Palomino essentially has all the comforts of home. My friend was shocked to find out about the hookups for water and electricity. I enjoy being out exploring during the day and coming 'home' to write in the evening. We still have plans to get a campervan but for right now this definitely makes me happy. 

A pop-up is something to be used from spring to fall. The walls are canvas so camping during cold weather isn't going to happen. It can't be used throughout the year like a van can be used. I also think a van would be more secure in bear or moose country. 

We have big plans to use the Palomino this spring. I'm really looking forward to heading out after the wedding. You've Been Reviewed will help you virtually travel along with us and the Palomino pop-up. It should be a really interesting journey.

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