Monday, November 07, 2011

Megabus opens Atlanta hub expands service to 11 cities

Did  you hear the news? Megabus is opening a new Atlanta hub that will expand their service to 11 additional cities. This is potentially good news for the southeast.

Megabus in I-81 traffic like everyone else.
Megabus is a low cost bus service carrier. It offers fees as low as $1.00 on each route. Riders who book early have the best shot at getting the low fares. Booking close to the departure date will cost you. Last minute tickets from the Atlanta hub are expected to run upwards of $25 - $30.

Visitors from Knoxville can now take Megabus to north to Washington, D.C. or Christiansburg, VA. When the new Atlanta hub opens people can travel from Knoxville via Atlanta to Orlando, Florida or other points. Tickets must be booked online at

Travelers should keep in mind that Megabus isn't a tour bus. You won't find much in the way of perks or personal assistance. WI-FI is available and electrical outlets are at each seat. Be prepared to carry your own bags though. It will be up to you to put them on the bus or in the overhead bin. The article 'What to expect on Megabus' covers more of what riders can expect.

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Megabus expands service via Atlanta hub

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